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5 key elements to bulletproofing a service agreement

Learn about the essentials to protect your business.


Maybe you have experienced it before: a customer asking for 'just one more thing', 200 times. In this webinar, you will learn how to set boundaries up front, and how to deal with unrealistic demands .


Customers not paying or paying to late is a struggle for all of us freelancers and small businesses. A couple of customers not paying in time could get us in financial trouble. Learn how to create enforceable payment terms that work in your favour.


The project should have been done in december, but the customer is taking forever to send back her revisions. You need to move on to other projects. How do you ensure you don't keep waiting on the party? You will learn it in this webinar.


Ding! New message! It's your old customer telling you you can't use your latest project in your portfolio because you don't own the rights to it anymore. In this webinar, you will learn how to safeguard your intellectual property.


No-one wants it, no-one likes it, but sometimes, you cannot prevent it. Conflict can hit you as a slap to the face, but how do you deal with it professionally? It's important to think about this before signing with your customer on the dotted line.

Meet your host.

Grace Ilunga is a Legal Advisor specialized in corporate, commercial and labour law. Grace advises local and international clients based in the Benelux on commercial and contract law. Grace assists companies and entrepreneurs with their contracts during all stages of their business lifecycle.

Grace regularly presents seminars and workshops on commercial agreements and labour agreements to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. This service agreement workshop is one of them.

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